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Julie Jackson

Manager, Global Accounts


Telefono: 770-823-0254

7451 Old River Drive

Blacklick, OH 43004


Julie Jackson is an accomplished professional with a multifaceted background in travel management, executive assistance, and business ownership. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Julie extends her expertise to clients worldwide. Her career, which spans over three decades, has been marked by the development of key skills in managing client relationships, executing contracts, and coordinating travel. She has adeptly handled administrative duties for top executives and board members, demonstrating her capacity to work with high-level professionals. Julie's experience in planning and coordinating a range of events, from intimate board meetings to large-scale client gatherings across the globe, speaks to her versatility and adaptability.

In her previous role as a Virtual Executive Assistant, Julie managed administrative duties for company founders, CEOs, and board members, showcasing her ability to handle complex tasks and high-stakes responsibilities. She also worked as a Senior Travel Consultant, where provided clients with travel and technical support, further enhancing her portfolio of skills. Julie also served as an Account Manager, where she oversaw and managed large-scale hotel and transportation-related travel programs. Throughout her career, Julie has consistently demonstrated a strong ability to manage and coordinate travel and virtual meetings, analyze market trends, and deliver high-quality customer service. Her diverse experience and skills, coupled with her commitment to excellence, make her an invaluable asset in any professional setting.

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